operations software that does the heavy lifting for you

Business ops are complex. We make them simple.

Business operations are noisy and complex. From customer orders, to production, to fulfillment, to delivery. We simplify the boring stuff so you can focus on keeping your customers happy, and building your business to realize your goals. Small or large, every business can streamline operations with custom software. And that happens to be our specialty.

Great operations software requires a great process

We'll learn about your business. We collect data. We study the market. Then, when we have what we need, we'll work with you to build the best possible roadmap for your project, your timelines, and your budget.
Once we know where you're going, we figure out how to get there. We translate your business requirements into concrete technical specifications. No matter how big or small, we consider every component piece by piece, so that every aspect of the project fits neatly into the larger whole.
With blueprints drawn up, it's time to get to work. We'll keep you engaged in the development process as code is written, tools are selected, and components are built. We release features progressively to show our progress, and gather your feedback as we move toward the completed project.
With the V1 application completed, we'll work with you to get it in the hands of your customers, and develop a go-live plan that works with your business goals. Do you have a hundred users? Ten million? Anticipating massive growth in Q3? We'll design and implement end-to-end infrastructure that suits your needs and gets your platform into action.
The end is only the beginning. Once your application is up and running, it's time to get back to the drawing board and determine the next steps. Do you need more functionality? Does a legacy system require integration with the new one? We'll work with you to carve out revised goals, and develop a plan to help you achieve them.

We've helped these companies take their operations to the next level

We write world-class software. Every app we build is:

Whether you have ten users or ten million, our systems are built to scale. While many platforms require a higher initial investment to accommodate growth down the road, ours are built to scale out of the box with no up-front costs.
Our systems can be easily deployed on multiple nodes or servers around the country, and around the world, improving response times for users regardless of where they live, and making our operations platforms more resilient to server failures and other unforeseen issues.
Rather than plan for only the best-possible outcome, we architect our systems to recover automatically from unexpected failures. The result is better user experience, better stability, and no more system outage emergencies at 2am on a Sunday.
We develop our platforms atop robust foundations that have been built over decades, and are used by the world's largest telecom and Internet companies to process billions of requests per day. These systems are so stable, Swedish telecom giant Ericsson has used them to achieve 99.9999999% uptime in flagship products, measuring only 31.25 milliseconds of downtime per year.
For many modern web systems response times of 100 milliseconds would be considered speedy. We're able to get response times down to 3 or 4 milliseconds when needed, meaning virtually immediate user interactions, lower server costs, and systems resilient to slowdowns under load.

The software trade has many tools — Here are some of ours

An outstanding next-generation scripting language.
Built on the Erlang virtual machine, Elixir benefits from three decades of world-class enterprise development by Swedish telecom giant Ericsson, but features a myriad of modern language features unavailable in virtually any other language to date. Learn More →
A rocket-fast, bedrock-stable application framework.
Phoenix is a full-stack framework like Rails, but suffers none of the performance bottlenecks of its predecessor. Built with Elixir, Phoenix provides an extremely powerful yet lightweight architecture, offering a world-class toolset for live channel functionality, while boasting unparalleled speed and stability. Learn More →
The user-friendly swiss army knife.
Once the dark horse of programming, Ruby has become one of the most widely used scripting languages around. It makes applications easy to write and maintain, and offers an exceptional ecosystem of open-source tools and libraries. Learn More →
The MVC framework to rule them all.
Rails set the world ablaze by reinventing the modern web application framework. It offers rapid development, while still providing a solid, long-term foundation. Used in production by millions of applications, Rails is one of the most robust and widely-supported frameworks in the world. Learn More →
The cross-platform functional programing language.
Kotlin was adopted as an official Android programming language in 2017, and since then has completely taken over the Android development scene. Nearly all modern Android apps are written in Kotlin, but it can do a lot more besides. Kotlin is a full-featured functional programming language that runs on the JVM, meaning it's rock-solid, and runs on virtually any modern computing environment. Learn More →
The enterprise mobile operating system.
Even though millions of iOS and Apple mobile devices are sold every year, Android remains the de facto choice for mobile solutions in the enterprise space. Its open source nature and flexible implementation provide a wide array of options for manufacturers and software engineers alike, making it far and away the most popular platform for building and deploying enterprise mobile applications. Learn More →

We're a trusted Honeywell Silver Partner since 2023

Great software requires great hardware, and we've partnered with the best in the business. As engineers we've learned every nitty-gritty detail about Honeywell's enterprise ecosystem. From scanners, to printers, to mobile computers – we don't just sell hardware, we analyze every aspect of your project, and ensure that you're using the best available hardware in production.

Let's build something extraordinary

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